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Carvin Pro Audio
Carvin has been building professional sound reinforcement and pro audio gear for decades, and is now becoming one of the last pro audio companies to manufacture gear in the USA, which is important to many customers. Our pro audio engineers, designers, technicians and builders have a wealth of expertise spanning many years in the industry. Because of this, Carvin can offer you high-quality, reliable PA gear to suit any need. And since we sell direct to you, we cut out the middleman markup, so your budget doesn't suffer.

Carvin offers a full array of pro audio gear. We have portable mixers, as well as consoles up to 32 channels. Our lightweight DCML power amps produce plenty of power in a package that won't break your back. Carvin offers speakers for every application, from studio monitors to small, medium & large stage applications. You can select monitors and subwoofers perfectly suited to your requirements. We also have rack gear and accessories, including graphic equalizers, speaker management systems, power conditioners, snakes, cables, mics, wireless systems and much more. Our affordable pre-packaged PA sound systems take the guesswork out of ordering a complete PA package. Carvin offers small systems starting at 6 channels which are perfect for rehearsal spaces and small venues all the way up to large 4 bus 32 channel systems which are ideal for larger venues. Additionally, Carvin offers an assortment of pre-packaged monitor and subwoofer systems to complete your sound reinforcement needs.
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Portable Lightweight Mixers, Powered and Unpowered PORTABLE POWERED LIGHTWEIGHT MIXERS

Carvin offers affordable, portable lightweight mixers in 6, 8 and 12 channel configurations. Our portable powered mixers utilize Class D power, delivering high dynamic power from Switchmode power supplies. The powered mixers can be rack mounted, or used with the included DutaTex™ end caps. The unpowered models are ready to install in your rack. Carvin's innovative optional USM internal wireless systems allow you to add up to two wireless devices, simplifying setup and reducing cable clutter. Mixers have premium features, including DSP effects processors with over 256 effects, onboard USB power ports and graphic equalizers.

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Concert Series Mixers 12 to 32 Channel, Powered and Unpowered CONCERT SERIES MIXING CONSOLES

Whether your needs are small or large, Carvin offers a mixing console to suit your needs. Unpowered 12, 16, 20, 24 & 32 channels boards, plus a powered 16 channel board are loaded with features, including 8 channel sends, 4 band channel dual sweep EQ, bus compressors, USB ports, digital effects processors and more. Other features include +48v phantom power, balanced XLR mic inputs, R/L stereo pan, EQ assign and LED indicators for all functions. C2448P powered model offers 4 internal power amps delivering 500W X 4 for a total of 2000W power. Rugged Road Warrior cases are available for all models.

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Lightweight Professional Power Amps, 200W - 3800W PROFESSIONAL LIGHTWEIGHT POWER AMPLIFIERS

Carvin offers power amps for all applications. You can hear the difference with crisper highs, punchier bass, and more natural mids. With models from 200 watts all the way up to 3800 watts, Carvin's DCML lightweight power amps provide the ultimate in flexability, at weights ranging from only 4 pounds to 15 pounds. The rugged design and premium components make Carvin's DCML power amps an American-made workhorse that will stand up, night after night. Whether you need to power mains, monitors or subwoofers, Carvin has a lightweight power amp perfectly suited to your needs, at a low, factory-direct price that's in anyone's budget.

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Carvin Professional Speakers, Monitors, Subwoofers Powered and Unpowered PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS, MONITORS & SUBWOOFERS

No matter what your sound reinforcement requirements are, Carvin offers professional quality speakers to suit your needs. Our LM Series speakers feature rugged Polypropylene injection-molded enclosures that maintain their appearance through years of torturous use, with lightweight Neodymium drivers that are clean and crisp. Our popular LS Series speakers are one of the best loudspeaker values on the market today, offering superb sound at high output levels. Your audience will appreciate crystal clear highs with deep, resonate bass making all the difference in your performance. The LS Series feature both powered and non-powered models, in main, monitor and subwoofer configurations. Some models are offered in white vinyl, making them ideal for church/house of worship installations. Rugged handles, pole mounts and fly hardware on some models make setup/installation a breeze. The TRxN Series steps up the performance, offering the finest Neodymium drivers and Baltic Birch enclosures for audio reproduction exceeding loudspeakers costing thousands more. Designed for permanent installations, large venues and powerful portable systems, TRxN speakers are available in monitor, main and subwoofer configurations.

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Rack Gear & Processors, Cables, Snakes, Road Cases, Accessories RACK GEAR, PROCESSORS, SNAKES, CABLES & ACCESSORIES

Carvin offers a full compliment of rack gear to simplify and improve your pro sound setup. Graphic equaliziers, compressors, effects and power conditioners get the most out of your sound system. Our popular AC120S Power Conditioner protects your PA investment from power spikes and surges. Carvin's professional cables and snakes ensure accurate sound reproduction with quality connectors and components. Other accessories, such as racks, cases, covers, stands, and more give you the ultimate in flexibility with your Carvin PA gear.

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Stage, Studio Mics & Wireless Systems, Wireless In-Ear Monitors STAGE, STUDIO AND WIRELESS MICROPHONES & WIRELESS MONITOR SYSTEMS

Whether you need vocal microphones for stage or studio, drum mics, wireless microphones, or in-ear monitor systems, Carvin has you covered. Our M50 and M68 mics are ideal for the stage, providing crisp, clean vocal reproduction, while our pro studio condensor mics are clean and clear for recording. If you want to simplify cable clutter, Carvin's wireless systems will do the job, and have available lavalier mics, headset mics, and guitar cable adapters for body packs. The innovative USM Wireless Systems installs in your Concert Series or Portable Mixer, simplifying live setup. Our EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System gives you freedom on the stage, while allowing you to hear the mix no matter where you are. All Carvin wireless systems are compliant with current FCC frequency regulations.

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Complete PA Systems, Monitor Packages, Subwoofer Systems COMPLETE PRO AUDIO, MONITOR & SUBWOOFER SYSTEMS

Regardless of what your PA system requirements are, Carvin has something to suit your needs. Whether you need a complete PA system for a rehearsal space or small club, a system for a larger venue, or you want to expand your current PA with a monitor or subwoofer system, Carvin offers an easy to set up pre-packaged system that's ideal for your venue and budget. Complete PA systems range from our portable StageMate system, to 6, 8 or 12 channel portable systems, up to 16, 24 or 32 channel Concert Series systems. Our complete PA systems, monitor packages and subwoofer systems come with everything you need to be up and running in minutes, including all necessary cables. Whether your needs are large or small, Carvin has a complete PA system suited for every situation.

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