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Here you can browse through over 1000 guitars and basses from Carvin's In-Stock Guitars section, in a wide variety of finishes, woods and other options. These are not instruments that are currently for sale.

Use the controls on the left to search for different instruments with the particular features you are interested in. You can search for any combination of models, colors, woods and other options that you like. Keep in mind that not all options are available on all models, or in certain combinations (i.e., abalone blocks on a birdseye maple fingerboard).

A note about the pictures: All instruments photograph differently, depending on the lighting conditions, the photographer, the camera, and the finish. These pictures were taken over several years, so some variance in the color is to be expected. Also, different pieces of wood take finish differently, so the same color may look somewhat different on individual instruments. Use these pictures as a guide when selecting your color options, but keep in mind that every instrument Carvin produces is totally unique, so yours may look similar to what you see here, but not exactly the same.

Other notes: Some options are rolled up into some packages, and therefore may not be explicitly spelled out in the descriptions. For example, a "W" series model (Claro Walnut) includes gold hardware, a 5-piece neck, rounded body sides, walnut headstock and 3-piece body, so these options are not included in the description. A DC400 includes abalone block inlays, and a P Series bass includes rounded body sides and an HB2 pickup, so those aren't listed in the descriptions. Tremolos and bridges are not spelled out in the descriptions, because the model includes this (DC127C, SC90M, LB70P, etc). So, make note of the model modifiers (W, A, FA, F, P, etc) when browsing the archive.

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