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V3M Micro Series

V3 Series

Legacy 3 Series

Vintage Series

X100B Series

SX Series

Acoustic Series

Rack Mount Amps

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Carvin V3M Micro Series Tube Guitar Amplifiers

V3M Micro Series : V3M, V3MC, V3M112, V3M212, V3M212S, V3M412

Carvin's new V3M Micro Series amps take many of the popular features of the V3 Series, and incorporate them in a small package that packs plenty of power. The 50W/22W/7W adjustable power allows you to get the high-volume crunch you want at lower volumes. Lush reverb compliments the overall sound of the amp, while the all tube design produces clear highs and deep bass. Available in a combo design, a 2 X 12 micro stack, a 4 X 12 half stack or head-only design, the V3M Micro Series is the guitarist's dream amp.
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Carvin V3 Series Tube Guitar Amplifiers

V3 Series : V3, V3-212, V3412, V3812, 412VT, 412VB

The V3's 100% tube signal path delivers pure tone from warm to shimmering to infinite sustain and crunch for all styles of music. The channels of expanded tone circuits and overdrives are perfect for all genres, from metal to blues to country. Compatible with standard MIDI controllers for easy control of all channels and SmartLoops™ technology. Available in a full-stack, half-stack, short stack, and head-only configurations. The 412VT and 412VB cabinets are loaded with GT12 speakers. Built like a tank for years of use. Covered in black vinyl.
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Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 Series Micro Tube Guitar Amplifiers

Steve Vai Legacy 3 Series : VL300, VL3212, VL3412T, VL3412B

The new 100W all-tube 3-channel Legacy 3 guitar amp is the result of countless hours of design and development by Carvin engineers, working closely with Steve Vai. Features of the Legacy 3 include a master volume control, which controls the volume of all 3 channels without affecting preamp gain settings; a variable, footswitch controlled master boost; variable, channel-assignable reverb; and internal LED lighting which can have different colors assigned to each channel, MIDI in/through compatible with standard MIDI controllers, effect loop, bias and impedance switches, and more.
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Carvin Vintage Series Tube Guitar Amplifiers

Vintage Series : VT16 Head, VT50 Head, Vintage 16, Nomad, Belair

The all tube Vintage Series guitar amps reflect our devotion to tone. Rich, thick harmonics with creamy smooth mid tones define the superb sound of these amps. Matched EL84 output tubes and 12AX7 tubes react to the subtlest touch - if you play soft, the tubes remain clean. If you drive the amp hard, it rings out with rich tube harmonics. Available in 1 X 12 and 2 X 12 combos and head-only configurations with matching extension cabinets. Loaded with GT12 speakers. Covered in vintage tweed vinyl.
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Carvin X100B Series Guitar Amplifiers

X100B Series : X100B, XB412, XB812, X100B212

The X100B is back! The new Series IV model is based on the original X100B that was used by artists such as Steve Vai, Frank Zappa & Craig Chaquico in the 1980's. It has two channels (clean & lead) and is equipped with 6L6GC & 12AX7A tubes, with bias control for 5881, EL34 or 6L6GC tubes. Available in a full-stack, half-stack, 2 X 12 half-stack and head-only configurations. The GX412T and GX412B cabinets are loaded with GT12 speakers. Covered in black vinyl with vintage Carvin logo.
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Carvin SX Series Guitar Amplifiers

SX Series : SX200, SX300

Carvin's SX Series solid-state combo amps combine premium features with affordable prices. Digital effects, such as reverb, chorus, flange & echo provide the ultimate in flexibility, and Carvin's SmartEffects™ allow you to assign the effect to a channel which can be selected via the optional FS22 footswitch. Covered in black vinyl.
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Carvin Acoustic Series Guitar Amplifiers

Acoustic Series : AG200, AG300, AG100D, 112AG

Carvin's Acoustic Series guitar amps are the perfect soultion for performers in smaller venues. It's 3 channels support acoustic guitar, bass guitar or second acoustic guitar, and keyboard or microphone, ideal for solo or duo performers in coffee shops, small auditoriums and similar locales. Each channel has a volume, bass, treble & effect control, and channel 1 also includes mid-sweep, mid-gain, mid and hi contour switches, while channel 3 adds an XLR input for a mic. Two 24-bit effects are included, providing reverb, chorus, echo and flanging with parametic control.
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Carvin TS100 Rack Mount Tube Guitar Amplifier

TS100 Rack Mount Amp

The TS100 rack-mount amp produces pristine clean tones via it's warm tube performance. It's equipped with 4 12AX7 and 4 EL34 output tubes. Internal bias selection switches are available for both channels. Front controls include power, stand by, volume and presense controls. 4, 8 & 16 ohm switching with bridge, parallel and ground lift switches. Premium built with steel chassis, chrome front panel and brass bushings for controls.
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Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 Series Micro Tube Guitar Amplifiers
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