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Bass Pickups

Carvin Guitars has an extensive selection of bass pickups, including Alnico single coil models in black or cream, Alnico stacked humbuckers in black or cream, large Alnico humbuckers, radiused humbuckers and split-coil models. Upgrade your current pickups, or use as replacement parts on your project guitar. These are the same quality pickups used on our Custom Shop basses. Made in the USA.


List: $179.00
Direct: $89.00

SCP Vintage Split Coil Bass Humbucker


List: $149.00
Direct: $75.00

RAD-J Radiused-Top Single-Coil Alnico V Bass Pickup


List: $129.00
Direct: $59.00

J99A Alnico Single Coil Bass Pickup


List: $129.00
Direct: $59.00

J99AR Alnico Single Coil Bass Pickup (Reverse Wound)


List: $95.00
Direct: $45.00

J99 J-Style Single Coil Pickup


List: $95.00
Direct: $45.00

J99R J-Style Single Coil Pickup (Reverse Wound)


List: $135.00
Direct: $69.00

H50A Alnico Stacked Humbucking Bass Pickup


List: $95.99
Direct: $59.00
Sale: $39.00
H50S Stacked Humbucking Bass Pickup


List: $179.95
Direct: $79.00

HB Alnico-5 Humbucking Bass Pickup (4-String)


List: $199.95
Direct: $89.00

HB Alnico-5 Humbucking Bass Pickup (5-String)


List: $219.95
Direct: $99.00

HB Alnico-5 Humbucking Bass Pickup (6-String)

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