Shane Gibson, 1979 – 2014

Shane Gibson

It is with deepest sadness that we announce that guitarist and Carvin artist Shane Paul Gibson passed away at 5:45 AM on April 15th, 2014 in the UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama as a result of complications from a blood clotting disorder. He was 35 years old. Shane was a long-time member of the Carvin family, having conducted numerous clinics, appeared multiple times at NAMM, and performed with Carvin gear on stages around the world for countless fans.  He was a very talented and gifted musician, and his virtuosity was matched only by his wit and generosity. He will be missed beyond measure, and we take solace in knowing that his spirit will live on through his music and fans. 

Shane's final recording with his band stOrk, titled "Broken Pieces", was just released this past Monday, and showcases his talent and skill, and will be a fitting memorial to Shane's legacy as one of the preeminent guitarists of the hardcore/punk genre.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, bandmates and all those who loved him as much as we did.

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New Vanquish Series Basses From Carvin

Vanquish Series Basses
Carvin’s new Vanquish Series electric basses represent a radical departure from traditional bass guitars, and are the next step in the evolution of the instrument. The 4-string V49K, 5-string V59K and 6-string V69K Vanquish basses are loaded with exciting new features, including a beveled body designed for comfort as well as great looks and a 5-bolt neck joint for improved neck/body contact resulting in better sustain and punch. Additionally, the V69K is the Custom Shop’s first-ever bolt-neck 6- string bass.

Other features, including a Hipshot™ A-style bridge and 24-fret neck add to the superior range, tone and playability of the Vanquish Series. Electronics consist of a pair a radiused-top humbuckers with 18V active/passive module; controls include master volume, pickup blend, push/pull active and passive tone control, stacked concentric bass and treble frequency cut or boost. Optional single-coil radiused-top pickups are available for more jazzy styles of music.

Like all USA-made Carvin Custom Shop instruments, you can order your new Vanquish bass by choosing from a huge assortment of options, including body, top, neck and fingerboard woods; finishes, inlays, fretwire, hardware and more. You can design your Vanquish bass exactly the way you want it to suit your own playing style and personal tastes.

In addition, the Custom Shop has added some new finish options.  Deep Nightburst (shown on the V69K above) is Carvin's Deep Aquaburst with the addition of purple burst edges.  Translucent Moss Green is similar to the Deep Moss Green that's been available on flamed and quilt top woods, but can but used on plain woods like alder and swamp ash. Check out the Vanquish Series basses along with these new finishes at, and design your own Custom Shop masterpiece!

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New Acoustic Series Guitar Amps

Carvin Acoustic Guitar Amps
Carvin’s new Acoustic Series amplifiers offer state-of-the art performance for the serious acoustic artist. Matching the aesthetic of your acoustic instrument, the rich natural tones are delivered from heavy-duty drivers accompanied with a titanium tweeter that provides exceptional full-range performance – from shimmering, crystal-clear highs to full bottom end. The high headroom internal amp maintains the purity that only high power can provide. So whether you’re using nylon, steel, gut, silver or silk-wound strings that are picked, plucked, strummed or bowed, the true fidelity of your instrument is faithfully reproduced.

Channel 1 and 2 inputs are specifically designed to work equally well with piezo or magnetic pickups, and feature a HI-Z impedance switch to bring out the full tonal range of passive pickups. A GAIN switch matches low sensitivity pickups. The +48V phantom power switches on Channels 1 & 2 eliminating external power supplies required for condenser mics, active pickups or active direct boxes. Channel 3 may be used to mic an instrument or vocals, and the 1/8″ jack serves as an input for your MP3 music source. The onboard dual digital signal processors offer lush effects for each channel featuring echo delay, reverb and chorus. Each channel has its own two-way level control allowing you to select Effect 1 or 2. The Master Effect 1 & 2 controls select the effect type, adjust time, decay, regeneration and speed settings with separate level controls for blending effects 1 & 2 into the overall mix.

Other features include a USB power port, XLR direct out with level control, headphone/tuner jack, external effects loop and external extension speaker connection. The 2-way AG200 and 3-way AG300 are covered in brown marvelon vinyl, and constructed from premium multi-layer plywood with steel corners & grille, bottom and side feet and carrying handle. The AG200 has a built-in tilt-back stand and both have a pole mount cup. Extension speakers for each model are also available.

Whether you need a top-quality, USA made acoustic amp for small solo gigs, or a portable PA, Carvin’s Acoustic Series amplifiers have you covered. Check them out at today!

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Bass Player Magazine Reviews the Carvin PB5 Classic Bass

PB5 Review
Rave reviews continue to come in for Carvin’s new PB Series electric basses, and the latest is from Bass Player Magazine. They say, “Happily, the PB5 has a killer B string that receives ample coverage from the pickup, and has a tight, defined acoustic response that makes it very playable, even in the higher positions. There was a time when you had to go with a premium boutique build to get this kind of B string at 34″ scale, but Carvin seems to have figured this one out a long time ago. The PB5 can produce a wide range of tones from the P-Bass spectrum – from thumpy Jamerson to grindy Entwistle, and it manages to “look right” without being a cookiecutter copy. Carvin’s overall fit and finish is top notch, and with the savings of dealing directly with the factory, you can step into a U.S.-built 5-string for under a grand. Pretty sweet.” Follow the link below to read the complete review.

Carvin’s PB4 and PB5 basses can be custom-ordered with a multitude of options, including body, neck and fingerboard woods, highly figured premium top woods, dozens of finishes, a wide selection of inlays, different fretwire sizes in nickel and stainless steel and an assortment of pickup and electronics options suitable for any playing style. Check out the PB Series for yourself, and see why these new basses are the
talk of the industry!

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New X44 Xccelerator 4-String Bass

X44 Xccelerator Bass
On the heels of the radical new X54 5-string bass, which debuted at NAMM '14 to rave reviews from players and press, the Custom Shop is pleased to introduce the 4-string version, the Xccelerator X44. The X44 is now available for ordering on

Like its 5-string sibling, the X44 is loaded with new features, including a faster playing, thinner carbon-fiber reinforced neck; deep sculpted cutaways allowing easy access high on the fingerboard; a new aggressive inline bass headstock; available natural body binding; and a new pickup configuration incorporating a split-coil neck pickup with an all-new radiused bridge humbucker and active/passive electronics. These new features make the X44 much more than just a new shape – it’s a completely new instrument, designed from the ground up with the bass player in mind.

Check out the new Xccelerator Series, and let the Custom Shop build yours!

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New TRx3018A Powered Subwoofer

Carvin has expanded the top-of-the-line TRx Series professional loudspeakers with an all-new, innovative subwoofer, the TRx3018A.  The TRx3018A is an active 2500W, X-Drive DSP processed subwoofer with an additional amplifier output for running a top main cabinet. The TRx3018A is simply our finest single 18-inch powered subwoofer system featuring power for external cabinets. The high power, cast frame TS18B woofer features a deep 23mm, inside/outside wound, 4-inch voice coil with outstanding deep bass performance. Optimized presets for several Carvin cabinets are factory programmed for simple connect, select, and play setup.

The TRx3018A external amplifier output is ideal for powering two TRx3903 column array speakers, and up to two TRx2115s, TRX3210s, TRx12Ns, SCX1115s or any top main cabinets down to 4 ohms. The internal X-Drive DSP has been setup to maximize performance output of the preset Carvin cabinets. Don't have a Carvin main or not finding your cabinet? Simply go to the “Variable X-Over” preset, select the crossover frequency and you are ready to go. Don’t need to power a top cabinet? Go to the “Sub Only” preset, select the crossover frequency for the sub and you are all set.

The TRx3018A is constructed from 13-ply Russian Baltic Birch, and finished in water- and UV-resistant DuraTec™. Three top pole mounts feature 16″ spaced dual pole system for suspending two TRx3210 speakers or two speakers side by side for wider coverage. The third traditional center pole mount is for suspending two stacked TRx3903s, TRx2115, TRx12N, SCX1115 or any standard 1-3/8th pole mounted equipped cabinet. Steel handles and a black powder-coated grille round out the package.

TRx by Carvin offers everything the audio professional needs: rugged construction, premium components, superior sound and a factory-direct price that cannot be beat – and TRx is engineered and built in the USA. Try the TRx3018A powered subwoofer, or other monitors, mains and subs in the TRx Series, and hear the difference!

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New Bass Amps from Carvin!

B1000 & BX1600 Bass Amps

Carvin continues to expand our lineup of USA-made bass heads and systems designed for the professional bassist. The B1000 mono block bass head is housed in a sleek package that’s under 7 pounds, giving you unsurpassed tonal capability utilizing a minimum number of knobs, a CLASS A preamp, 6 active EQ circuits and 12AX7 tube. Beneath the sharply dressed exterior and rugged construction, premium features include blue LED lighting and the exclusive “lock-in” AC cord making the B1000 a powerful addition to your rig that’s easy to carry around. The high output B1000 produces 325w RMS at 8 ohms, 600w at 4 ohms or 900w at 2 ohms, giving you all the power you need. Also offered in an assortment of systems suitable for any gig.

The popular BX1500 bass head has evolved into the new BX1600, featuring a bold new look with greater power and LED panel lighting. 2 mono block amps deliver 800 watts each for biamping when utilizing the front panel crossover. Combine (bridge) both amps and you’ll have one big mono block amp delivering 1600 watts into 4 ohms or 1000w in to 8 ohms. For more than power, this amp a winner with its front-end tone section offering a CLASS A preamp, 3 EQ sections and warm 12AX7 tube. With premium features including the exclusive “lock-in” AC cord, rugged construction and weighing in at less than 9 lbs, the BX1600 will be the heart of your rig. Also available in various half- and full-stack systems.

Regardless of your needs, Carvin has a bass amp for you, ranging from our very popular Micro Bass combos all the way up to full stacks providing thunderous low end, even in large venues. All Carvin bass amps are engineered and made in the USA, and our factory-direct prices make these amps the best value on the market.

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New Xccelerator X54 Active 5-String Bass

Xccelerator X54 5-String Bass
The Custom Shop is taking its bass lineup in an exciting new direction with the release of the new Xccelerator Series! The introductory model, the X54 5-string, debuted at NAMM '14 to rave reviews from players and press.

In response to many customer requests, the X54 is loaded with new features, including a faster playing, thinner graphite-reinforced neck; deep sculpted cutaways allowing easy access high on the fingerboard; a new aggressive bass headstock; available natural body binding; and a new pickup configuration incorporating a split-coil neck pickup with an all-new radiused bridge humbucker and active/passive electronics. These new features make the X54 much more than just a new shape – it’s a completely new instrument, designed from the ground up with the bass player in mind.

The Xccelerator X54 is available online now, and is also available in 4-string and 6-string configurations, the X44 and X64, which will be available on soon. However, you can call Carvin at (800) 854-2235 to place your order for any of these models today. Check out the new Xccelerator Series, and let the Custom Shop build yours!

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New BX700 Mono Block Bass Amp

BX700 Mono Block Bass Amp
Carvin is excited to announce the new BX700 Mono Block Bass Amp. Based on the hugely popular BX500 head, the BX700 has more power, convenient LED panel lighting, exclusive “lock-in” AC cord, and is wrapped in a sleek new package which is also rackmountable with optional rack mounting kit. Its broad tonal shaping capability comes from a CLASS A preamp, three EQ sections and 12AX7 tube. Beneath the sharply dressed exterior, the BX700 has unsurpassed tonal qualities along with greater power to help you get the perfect performance. Its light weight, premium features and rugged construction will make the BX700 an indispensable part of your rig for years to come.

The high output BX700 produces 300w RMS at 8 ohms, 550w at 4 ohms or 700w at 2 ohms. The BX700 uses three different transparent limiters to maintain its high headroom to assure ultra clean power for concert venues. The internal 12AX7 tube utilizes two stages that precede the power amp for added tube tone and warmth. A ground lift switch, tube bypass control, effects loop, headphone/tuner output and XLR direct-out provide the ultimate in flexibility.

The BX700 is available in a variety of complete systems, in 2 X 10 and 4 X 10 configurations. Check out the new BX700 head, and take your playing to a completely new level. And like all Carvin guitar and bass amps, the BX700 is proudly made in the USA.  Order yours today!

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New SCB6 Single Cutaway Bevel-Top Guitar

Carvin Sales & Specials

Carvin is excited to offer our newest Custom Shop instrument, the SCB6 single cutaway bevel-top guitar. The SCB6 is a radical departure in aesthetics from other Carvin guitars, with sleek and stylish looks combined with superior materials and craftsmanship and over 65 years of experience building the highest quality, USA-made instruments that are suitable for all playing styles at any level.

Neck-through design, an alder body with Eastern hard rock maple neck and tune-o-matic/stoptail bridge provide unsurpassed playability and amazing tone with sustain for days. Like all Carvin Custom Shop instruments, you can choose from a massive assortment of finishes; premium neck, body, fingerboard and top woods; inlays; fretwire and much, much more. Carvin's innovative "M" Bridge, Wilkinson tremolo, or a genuine Floyd Rose tremolo can also be selected.  The SCB6 comes equipped with Carvin’s popular Classic Series C22 humbuckers, with dual volume and tone controls and a 3-way lever-style pickup selector.

The Custom Shop can build your new SCB6 exactly the way you want it, creating a masterpiece that will impress you, your bandmates and your audience.

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